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How do I deposit?

When you have logged in to Mybet, please press the deposit button and you will see the available deposit methods in your country.

Where is my deposit?

Please allow it to take a few minutes until you can see the deposit in your player account. In rare cases, there might be delays between bank providers.

Please contact us via live chat/email if your money has already been withdrawn from your bank account. Most of the time we can determine if the funds are stuck somewhere during the payment processing. In some cases, we may need to ask you to send us a screenshot for security reasons.

My deposit failed, how come?

Make sure to follow all steps outlined for the method you have chosen. For credit cards, check that you did not input an incorrect password/code in Verified by Visa/Mastercard secure. The most common problem is the bank, insufficient funds, please check your bank account. Does it have a spending limit, block regarding online/international transactions? Please contact your bank and contact us if it is still a problem.

Do you charge fees on deposits?

We don’t charge any fee on our deposit and withdrawal methods.

My deposit has not reached my account?

Let’s make sure we find it! Please first check your bank account to see if the money has been deducted from your account. If it has, then contact us. We can usually confirm that the funds got stuck with our payment processors, in some cases we will ask for a print screen of the transaction just to make sure.

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