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Betting odds at mybet

A central element of each sports bet are the odds. Are you convinced of your knowledge for a certain sports event and you’d like to place a bet? Then you should select a bookie with the best odds, because it will increase your winnings with your bets. At mybet, a leading sports book operator, you’ll find the best sports odds for football world cup, the Champions League and other top leagues in Europe. But we also offer many other sports: not only live bets for football, ice hockey and American football but also odds for darts, motor sports, golf and cricket. Our betting odds are great for all these sports.

Betting types at mybet

At mybet you’ll a variety of bets and betting types you can select from: Our combination and system bets are especially attractive. Of course you can also select a single bet if you are convinced of a particular outcome in one sports event. Do you believe your team will win and you know who’s scoring a goal? Then combine your single bet with the goal scorer. Do you believe your team will win big today? Then increase your odds with a handicap bet. We want you to have as much fun as possible!

More than just bets on top leagues!

With mybet you’ll have a book maker with a huge variety of leagues you can place your bet on. Especially around football you’ll find a tremendous amount of sports betting offers. That includes all major leagues like Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga – and of course many others. Place your bet on American leagues, like NBA, NHL, or NFL. Bet on the next Italian champion in cycling. Use your knowledge and start today! Just browse through our sports betting offers and find your personal sports bet.